Ormond Florida Art Museum

Ormond is a Neighborhood just south of Daytona Beach and south West of the Miami-Dade County Lineup in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The inhabitants is seventy-six million strong, thirty-two percentage of whom are over eighteen years of age. It’s divided into three districts: South waterfront, Southwest coastal, and North coastal. The area is bordered on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Intracoastal Waterway. The communities of Edgewater, Estero and Vela Nuevo are south of the city of Ormond Beach.

Ormond Art Museum & Gardens are at the center of Ormond Beach, Volusia County Situated in central Florida. Exhibitions feature art from various local and global artists as well as an yearly student exhibition, along with other special occasions. The Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City is near the Ormond Beach Museum. The World War II Memorial Center is nearby. The Guggenheim Museum has many permanent and temporary exhibitions and permanent collections of art including art, furniture, coins, etc..

Apart from the Guggenheim Museum, the Miami Art Museum, the Boboli Museum of Art, the Miami Arts Museum, along with the Saatchi Gallery are some other important destinations in the southern Florida area. These galleries and museums also home permanent and temporary exhibits from several national and global artists, such as South beach, Miami, Arcos New York, CoCo sarongs, etc.. The Miami Art Museum houses numerous contemporary and abstract sculptures and paintings by many renowned artists. Other major attractions here include the Reed Gold Mine, Fort Lauderdale Museum and Gardens, Miami Seaquarium, and Everglades National Park.

Art Walk Around is a monthly event that’s organized by Art Aware Miami and takes place at prominent Miami locations. This is a great way to find the whole town, while strolling around and appreciating the beauty of various gardens, parks, historic sites, waterfronts, and Miami’s shopping malls. Art Walk Round is free for residents and tourists. It includes a guided tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Miami Art Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Miami Marriott Museum, and the David R. David Museum.

Ormond Art Museum and Gardens present Yearly events such as the Spring Art Show, the Art & Wine Festival, the Art on Ice Festival, the Art Walk, the Desert Art Fair, and Much more. This museum showcases works from various artists of different regions of the world. It has temporary exhibitions as well as permanent galleries showcasing art of different phases. The permanent galleries feature new and unusual contemporary arts by local and international artists. The annual events celebrate various arts, cultures, and humanity.

The Guggenheim Museum is one of the premier museums in the U.S.A. With installations ranging from pottery, to stone, to stone, from animal bones to coralreefs, from gold to glass, this museum houses some of the greatest art inventions of the past century. The museum also includes the works of several contemporary artists. Art lovers can research these galleries to see original paintings, original sculpture and photography, rare masterpieces, in addition to fine wines along with other works of art. Ormond Art Museum, Gardens on Miami Beach, Miami Art Museum, along with Spring Art Show are several other attractions of Ormond Art Park.

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